Dive Travel Packing List

If you are going to scuba dive during your travel you will need to bring along some equipment. Check the packing list below to make sure you didn’t forget anything at home.


Most experienced divers prefer using their own gear because they are sure that it fits and works excellent. However, after the airlines have decreased passenger’s luggage allowance, you should carefully consider the weight and size of your diving gear. Here’s the list of must-have equipment you need to pack, as well as some useful tips on how to make your gear weigh less.

Travel BCD

We recommend using a traditional BCD which is lightweight and can easily fold down to save you some room in the bag. Cressi’s Travelight, the Aqualung Zuma and the ScubaPro X-One are good options to consider.

Lightweight Regulator and OCTI

When choosing travel regs focus on models that ensure durability and are lightweight at the same time. Instead of traditional houses consider packing braided hoses that not only weigh less but also are more flexible.

Pressure and Depth Gauges

Since full gauges are pretty heavy consider purchasing some small pressure gauge like Cressi Mini SPG to take with you on your dive trips.


Aqualung Hot Shot and Hollis F2 are great fins that can easily fit into carry-on luggage.


If you are going to dive in warm water you can skip booties and bring just full foot fins. Preparing for cold water diving experience, make sure you bring with you booties that will keep you warm and can help prevent having blisters from wearing full foot fins.

Mask & Snorkel

If case you are going rent scuba diving gear you had better bring your own mask with you. A rental mask that leaks or fits bad can spoil your dive.

Dive Computer

Having your own dive computer is preferable because the chances are you may get confused about some alarms or settings in the rented device. Moreover, these days there is a great selection of watch style dive computers that won’t take much room in your suitcase.

Dive Travel Packing List


Make sure you bring gloves to protect your hands if you are going to dive in areas with strong currents.


Of course, a wetsuit is the bulkiest gear of all and transporting it presents a real challenge. On the other hand, by bringing your own wetsuit you can be sure that you will enjoy the diving experience wearing the suit that fits you perfectly.

Surface Signaling Devices

You will need surface markers and whistles to signal to the boat captain or crew team.

Dive Light

If you want to dive at night you had better get prepared for your night time adventure and pack your dive light too.

Mesh Bag

You will need a strong mesh bag to transport your gear to the dive resort or the boat.


As a rule scuba diving enthusiasts spend most of the time under the water so probably you won’t need too much clothing. The minimum clothing you should take with you include:

• Swim Suit

• Quick Dry T -shirt or tanks

• Rash Guard

• Quick Dry Shorts

• Light windbreaker or rain jacket

• Sturdy walking sandals

• Long pants

• Sweater

• Travel Towel


If you plan to take photos underwater consider bringing as many chargers as you have. The worst thing that can happen to you is having a camera with a flat battery before the dive.

Dive Travel Photographers List

• Chargers

• Camera

• Lenses

• Camera Housing

• Strobes

• Extra SD Cards

• Extra Battery Cables

• O Ring Grease

• Moisture Munchers


In addition to scuba diving equipment and clothes travelers should pack some other vitally important things on a dive vacation. First of all, remember to protect your skin from the sun. Make sure you apply sunblock before leaving the hotel and do wear a hat during side trips and while you are on the dive boat. By the way, it can be very noisy on a dive boat especially if your cabin is next to the engine room. So a set of earplugs will ensure you have a good sleep or just have a rest on the boat.

• Hat

• Earplugs

• Sunblock

• Anti Fog

• Sunglasses

• Toiletries

• Bug Spray

• Glasses

• Contacts, Solution and Case

• Rubbing Alcohol

• Motion Sickness Tablets


You had better bring all your C cards with you. Because of poor Internet connection some dive centers just won’t be able to find you in the system.

• Flight Tickets / E-ticket Confirmation

• Passport

• Dive Insurance Card

• Certification Cards

• Nitrox Card

• Log Book


Even though most dive centers do have some spare parts you had better bring your own. Consider bringing a USB pen drive so you could copy your pictures and share them with your friends.

• Dive Computer Battery

• Electrical Voltage Converter/ Adapter

• USB drive

• Save a dive kit