10 Fun Scuba Diving Facts

Scuba diving is one of the world’s most favored water sports ! Read on below for ten super interesting facts about this amazing aquatic activity.

#10 Scuba is short for ‘ self contained underwater breathing apparatus ‘, which it truly is !

#9 Hugh Brander, an American physicist, invented the modern wetsuit in 1952. He was the brand O'Neill's first wetsuit manufacturer. A wetsuit is almost always worn when scuba diving.

#8 Spitting in your dive mask before departing on your dive will prevent mask fog. It may sound gross but hey, it works! The spit actually coats the mask’s len preventing condensed vapor from adhering to it. Detergent or soap can be used in place of spit and will reap the same results.

#7 More than seventy unprovoked shark attacks are reported annually. This number has been cultivated from a world wide study.

10 Fun Scuba Diving Facts

#6 However, to this day, more people are struck and killed by lighting rather than by sharks within the United States. Horror movies, based around sharks, are one of the main reasons the animal has gained such a poor reputation.

#5 Oxygen can actually become extremely toxic when under high water pressure. To avoid oxygen toxicity poisoning, divers are equipped with special gases that contain lower concentrations of oxygen when traveling more than 42m deep. Read also 7 Scuba Diving Dangers.

#4 Amatuer scuba divings are largely disapointed by the lack of color in the underwater world as its pigments come off duller than what is shown in TV documentaries. This discoloration is due to the fact that water absorbs light extremely fast. The quickest color to be absorbed is red. That is why underwater camera companies like, Gopro, make red filters for their aquatic accessories.

#3 Once a turkish scuba diver, Cem Karabay, dove for approximately six days in open water setting the Guiness Book of World Record’s longest scuba dive in history.

#2 The scuba diving official statistics record will state that barotraumatic injuries are the number one injury related to the sport of scuba diving. However, in reality, the number one related injury to the sport of scuba diving is actually broken fingers and noses! Be careful when floating close to boat ladders and other divers! Tanks and weights are no joke.

#1 When creating the Pixar movie, Finding Nemo, the artists and animators took scuba diving courses in marine biology and oceanography to truly understand our underwater world. The art team left nothing to chance and it is without a doubt one of the most memorable and successful movies that Pixar has ever created.